Computational Methods for Understanding Archaeal and Bacterial Genomes

Ying Xu and J Peter Gogarten


Chapter 1: General characteristics of prokaryotic genomes

Chapter 2: Genes in prokaryotic genomes and their computational prediction

Chapter 3: Evolution of the genetic code: computational methods and inferences

Chapter 4: Dynamics of prokaryotic genome evolution

Chapter 5: Mobile genetic elements and their prediction

Chapter 6: Horizontal gene transfer: its detection and role in microbial evolution

Chapter 7: Genome reduction during prokaryotic evolution

Chapter 8: Comparative mechanisms on transcription and regulatory signals in archaea and bacteria

Chapter 9: Computational techniques for orthologous gene prediction in prokaryotes

Chapter 10: Computational elucidation of operons and uber-operons

Chapter 11: Prediction of regulons through comparative genome analyses

Chapter 12: Prediction of biological pathways through data mining and information fusion

Chapter 13: Microbial pathway models

Chapter 14: Metagenomics