QServer: QUalitative BIClustering server

Release 2.0.0, on December 20, 2011

Please choose the organism of the data matrix: 
Please copy and paste a matrix of expression level data in this text box, or upload a file of this data. Example of the data can be found here (the first line should give the list of conditions and start with the character "#"). Due to the limitation of the server computation capacity, please contact the authors for processing of the large data set that cannot be uploaded through this web server (usually larger than 80 Mb).

Or upload your file of the data here:

Optional: Please give your email address so that QServer may inform you when the result is ready.

Optional: Please list the genes from the above data matrix as the seed genes to be expanded into biclusters.

Optional: Please list the conditions from the above data matrix as the seed conditions to be expanded into biclusters.


Optional parameters
Number of blocks to report:
Data type: discrete data or continuous data?
Quantile discretization for continuous data:
The number of ranks:
Filtering overlapping blocks [0 - 1.0]:
Minimum condition (column) numbers:
Conservative of the block:
Promoter motif finding program:

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