What You Can Expect

All students taking a research credit course for the semester in our lab will form a research team and work together on research topic that will meaningfully contribute to the work of the CSBL. The undergraduate research team will mainly focus on but not be limited to:
1) Acquiring basic computational skills and cancer or microbial biology
2) Learning how to apply computational biology to a research problem
3) Investigating at least one real research topic each semester

The typical timeline for undergraduate research in the CSBL is as follows:
1) Four-six lectures to introduce programming skills (3-4 weeks)
2) Topic selection, question formulation and data preparation (2-4 weeks)
3) Computation analysis of the first question (1-6 weeks)
4) Further analysis (1-6 weeks)
5) Report writing (3-4 weeks)

Recent Research Topics

2014 Summer Semester: Elucidate the association of gene mutations with cancer metastasis.

There are a number of cancer metastasis models. However, whether the metastasis process is associated with gene mutations or the enrichment of mutations in a certain biological process is unknown. In this study, the students have tested the association of a single gene mutation with clinical stage of cancer metastasis by focusing on the pathway enrichment analysis of cancer mutation data.
Report – Tao
Report – Willis

2014 Spring Semester: Elucidate the possible suppression mechanisms of TP53 in TP53 mutation free samples.
It has been observed that the TP53 related biological processes are suppressed in the cancer patients without TP53 mutation. Hence is interesting to reveal how TP53 is functionally suppressed in the early stage cancer patients without the gene mutation, which could help to increase the understanding of general cancer progression model.

Does the work of our lab sound interesting to you? We are always eager to have University of Georgia undergraduates work in our lab for class credit. Tell us about yourself and your research interests, and we will contact you to see if there is a fit with our lab.

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