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* Identify your sequences by employing Lncident (LncRNA Identification)

  1. The system will send a Email to the submitted address when the prediction are finished;
  2. Input the sequences as FSATA format;
  3. Select a species from Human, Mouse and C. elegans;
  4. Upload a fasta file including the sequences needed to be identified.

* Identification result

  1. The raw Lncident output; click to download;
  2. The tabular output of Lncident prediction;
  3. The parsed Lncident result:
    (1) Seqence Name:The name of input seqences,
    (2) Prediction:The seqencess prediction results of Long Non-coding RNA,
    (3) Coding Potential:The probability that one sequences is a protein-coding sequence,
    (4) Max ORF Length:The longest open reading frame (ORF) of this sequence,
    (5) Max ORF Coverage:The ratio of the maximum length of ORF to sequence length;
  4. Search: Typing in any letters/words to search any columns of the table.

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