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Changchun City is situated at the heart of Songliao Plains in northeast China, and it's counties and districts located at 124'18" - 127'02" east longitude, 43'05" - 45'15" north latitude. The city stands at the center of the three northeast provinces, and at the crisscross point of the third east-westward "Europe-Asia Continental Bridge".

Changchun is the capital of Jilin Province and the political, economic and cultural center of the province.After the founding of the People's Republic of China, especially since the reform and open door policy, great changes have taken place in Changchun for its construction development. Now Changchun has formed its own advantage and characteristics with very solid foundations in industry and agriculture, and prosperous commerce. 

This relatively young city is charming with several beautiful names which can give you a general impression : 

  1. Forest City: 39% of Changchun ground is covered with plants, which makes Changchun a big oxygen bar, providing people with real fresh air. 
  2. Spring City of Northland: Changchun locates in the transitional belt from wet area to sub-dry area. The scenes of four seasons varies a lot and the climate is rather pleasant. 
  3. City of Films: Changchun Film Studio was the first film studio set up after the foundation of People's Republic of China. For dozens of years, a great many excellent domestic films and were produced there. 

Transportation to the city is very convenient. There are 51 railways and more than thirty domestic airlines and four international lines in Changchun. Four main speedways are connecting Changchun with other parts of China. With the fast development of tourism, tourism related facilities in Changchun are more and more mature. Nowadays there are more than 30 star-rated hotels. 

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